Energy efficiency residential buildings – CSM and municipalities

Eficiență energetică clădiri rezidențiale – MRJ și MO

Investments in residential buildings to increase energy efficiency – CSM and municipalities

What is funded:

Investments in multi-family residential buildings in order to increase energy efficiency, by improving the (mandatory) thermal insulation of the building envelope, frames and coverings, creation/rehabilitation/modernization of ventilation and air conditioning systems (including passive cooling systems), replacement of production and use facilities heat agent for heating and domestic hot water with small-scale renewable sources, etc.

Structural strengthening measures, depending on the level of exposure and vulnerability to the identified risks.

Eligible beneficiaries: county seat municipalities, municipalities

Supporting documents



Call status: upcoming

Financial allocation: 37.9 mil. euros

RSO 2.1. Promoting energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions info.

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