Priority 7 – An attractive region

Prioritatea 7 – O regiune mai atractivă

The development of the North-East region by making investments that capitalize on the touristic, cultural and creative potential of urban localities, in an integrated, multisectoral, territorial manner alongside physical regeneration interventions, environmental and social interventions, which generate economic diversification, jobs for young people, changing the perception of cities and increasing the level of attractiveness to live, live and invest.


1,290,034 square meters of open spaces created or rehabilitated in urban areas,

20 cultural and touristic sites highlighted,

151 SMEs in the creative industry supported,

1,191,270 people who benefit from projects within the strategies for integrated territorial development (urban),

1,027,881 visitors/year to cultural and tourist sites that benefit from support.

Supporting documents



Financial allocation: 120,41 mil euros

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