Urban regeneration, sustainable tourism and culture – CSM

Regenerare urbană, turism sustenabil și cultură – MRJ

Favoring the integrated social, economic and environmental development at the local level and cultural heritage, tourism and security in urban areas – County seat municipalities

What is funded:

(Re)development/rehabilitation/modernization/expansion of public spaces in (historical) centers, neighborhoods: pedestrianization, pedestrian areas, playgrounds, parks, squares, public gardens, other areas with green spaces, pergolas, alleys, monuments public, smart streets, smart video surveillance systems with IoT sensors, smart lighting, infrastructure specific to recreational activities on lakes, rivers, beaches, cliffs and the perimeter area, digitalization of objectives, etc.

Restoration/ consolidation/ protection/ conservation/ endowment/ digitization of cultural heritage, adaptation for hosting events and culturally creative activities, construction/ expansion/ modernization/ rehabilitation/ endowment of buildings with cultural functions, cultural centers, museums, theaters, libraries, scientific educational parks, the construction/rehabilitation/modernization of treatment bases, spa centers with integrated services, networks for capturing and transporting mineral springs, adventure parks, water parks, supporting entrepreneurs in the creative industries, developing pedestrian, bicycle and public transport access infrastructure in non-polluting common to objectives, interconnected with existing networks.

Eligible beneficiaries: County seat municipalities

Call status: public consultation closed (10.07 – 31.07.2023)

Financial allocation: 65 mil euros

RSO 5.1. Fostering the integrated and inclusive social, economic and environmental development, culture, natural heritage, sustainable tourism, and security in urban areas .

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