Development of RDI activity

Dezvoltarea activității CDI

RDI projects and investments in SMEs, necessary for the development of innovative products and processes

What is funded:

Economic R&D activities (TRL 4-9), investments necessary for R&D activity and the valorization of research results, management of intellectual property rights, acquisition of consulting services for the commercialization of R&D and innovation, marketing activities and services.

The projects will be initiated by the SME individually or in partnership with one or more public RDI organizations or universities, with a view to effective collaboration. For RDI activities, SMEs can also apply in partnership with a large enterprise.

Eligible beneficiaries: RDI organizations, public universities, SMEs, innovation and technological transfer entities


Call status: upcoming

Financial allocation:
41 mil. euros

RSO 1.1. Developing and enhancing research and innovation capacities and the uptake of advanced technologies info.

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