Preschool, school, high school education – CSM and Municipalities

Învățământ preșcolar, școlar, liceal – MRJ și Municipii

Development of the educational infrastructure for early education (ante-preschool and preschool), primary and secondary education, upper secondary education, theoretical, vocational and technological streams and professional education, including dual education – CSM and Municipalities

What is funded:

Creating, modernizing, expanding, equipping, equipping and making the educational structure accessible,

The purchase of electric school transport (equipped to transport students with locomotor disabilities), including electric charging stations at school unit level,

Digitization of units (digital platforms for communication and document exchange, databases, virtual libraries, endowments with video mapping and design infrastructure, tablets, IT equipment, educational software associated with online education, etc.),

Investments in sports infrastructure associated with educational units, etc.,

Structural strengthening measures depending on the level of exposure and vulnerability to the identified risks,

Measures to ensure the access of children, students with special educational requirements to the inclusive mainstream educational infrastructure, measures addressing desegregation and social inclusion.

Eligible beneficiaries: municipalities seat county, municipalities

Supporting documents

Guide for Applicants – 18.10.2023  [RO]


Call status: open (26.10.2023 – 31.03.2024)

Financial allocation: 83,86 mil euros

RSO 4.2. Improving equal access to inclusive and quality services in education, training and lifelong learning through developing accessible infrastructure, including by fostering resilience for distance and on-line education and training .

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