12 May, 2023

Implementation stage of Regio North-East

The Management Authority for the North-East Regional Program is preparing to launch the first calls for projects financed from REGIO in 2023. We promised to keep you informed of our work, to make it easier for you to schedule the steps you have to take in order to obtain funding. We anticipate updating the Estimated Project Call Release Calendar, for reasons beyond our decision-making scope, as follows:

I. The applicable regulatory framework

The entry into force of Emergency Ordinance 23/2023 regarding the establishment of simplification and digitization measures for the management of European funds related to the Cohesion Policy 2021 – 2027, published in Official Gazette No. 319 of 04.2023.
This regulation brings changes in all processes associated with the launch of project calls, starting from the establishment of eligibility and selection criteria and types of calls, public consultation, configuration of calls in the MySMIS2021/MySmis 2021+ IT system, evaluation and selection of projects

Issuance of the Order of the Ministry of Investments and European Projects no. 1.777/ May 3 regarding the approval of the content/model/format/framework for the documents provided for in art. 4 para. (1) first sentence, art. 6 para. (1) and (3), art. 7 para. (1) and art. 17 para. (2) of the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 23/2023 regarding the establishment of simplification and digitization measures for the management of European funds related to the Cohesion Policy 2021-2027, published in the Official Gazette no. 384 of May 5, 2023
By this order, the following were approved: Framework structure of the Applicant’s Guide, Framework Model of the Funding Application, Framework Structure of the Single Declaration, Framework Format of the Project Budget, Framework Content of the Progress Report, and the Visit Report.

!!! All documents developed so far by the Managing Authority in accordance with internal procedures must comply with these new models, which requires additional time and personnel.

In addition, a new Ministerial Order is expected to be issued, through which the Framework Model of the Financing Contract will be approved.

II. Operationalization of the MYSMIS 2021 IT system

The MySMIS2021/SMIS2021+ computer system, the unique information management portal regarding non-reimbursable external funds related to the 2021-2027 programming period, is developed at national level by the Special Telecommunications Service and operationally managed by the Ministry of European Investments and Projects.

!!!The launch of project calls within the NORTH-EST REGION is intrinsically linked to the availability of this platform and the expected timing of its operationalization, especially for:

The Calls module – used in the stage of launching and validating project calls, must allow MA to parameterize the attributes necessary to edit funding requests in accordance with the specifications in the applicant’s guide. The parameters established in this module, for example the type of expenditure categories, indicators (achievement and result), are those from which the potential beneficiaries will select in the elaboration of the funding request for the projects submitted on that call. Mode available.
The Funding Requests module – the one that allows applicants to submit projects, must allow the introduction of structured information and the attachment of supporting documents in defined sections in order to prepare and submit the funding request. The mode that will become available, according to the estimate in force, in June 2023.
The Contracting Module – through the use of which the entry into force of each Financing Contract is ensured – will become available, according to the current estimate, in October 2023.

III. The decision-making framework

At the same time as the operationalization of the MYSMIS 2021 system, we are carrying out preparatory actions for the launch of calls, as follows:

publication of guidelines for public consultation, for a minimum duration of 15 working days;
the operation of possible changes as a result of the proposals formulated in the consultation process;
the consultation of the Commission (DG Regio), which can be done simultaneously with the public consultation and for which, by Regulation, at least 15 working days must be allocated;
the eligibility and selection criteria contained in the Applicant’s Guidelines for each of the calls we have in preparation will be subject to the approval of The North-East Regional Program Monitoring Committee.

The North-East Regional Program Monitoring Committee is a partnership-type structure, without legal personality, with a strategic decision-making role in the implementation process of the North-East Regional Program 2021-2027, established on the basis of Regulation 1060/ 2021 of the European Parliament and the Council.

The Management Authority is aware of the need to expedite the launch of project calls and makes special efforts to provide you with a predictable framework for the launch of project calls, which allows potential beneficiaries the correct information in order to make the investment decision, as well as the preparation of funding requests under optimal conditions.

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