20 Jul, 2023

Conference dedicated to the “Digital transformation of SMEs” Call [post-event]

The North-East Regional Development Agency, as the Management Authority for the North-East Regional Program, together with the World Bank, organized yesterday, July 19, at the Rubik Hub headquarters in Piatra-Neamț, the conference dedicated to the Call “Digital transformation of IMM- oriented towards increasing digital intensity”.

The event was attended by more than 50 participants interested in transforming their business from a digital point of view with the help of funding through the North-East Regional Program. The advantages of digitization were discussed, solutions to the problems encountered in a digitization process were presented and, above all, the conditions that must be met in order to benefit from financing were found out.

Łukasz Marć, Senior Economist, as a representative of the World Bank, told why he chose to work with the North-East Development Agency in a unique pilot research project in Romania in the field of digitization and why SMEs in the Moldova region have digitization needed. He also listed the advantages of completing the SME Digital Maturity Assessment Questionnaire and how this study will provide a clearer picture of the digitalization needs of businesses in the region.

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“Digitalization is an essential process of society’s development in the future, but it must not proceed chaotically! First of all, a good understanding of the concept is needed, the correct identification of needs and the adoption of the most suitable tools according to the specifics of each business. Today’s event reached all these milestones and we express our hope that most of the participants will also become beneficiaries of funding for the digitalization call from the North-East Regional Program. In addition, we are honored that the World Bank has chosen the North-East Region for this pilot project, where we are working together to understand the challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises in the region and, subsequently, the expected impact of financing dedicated to digitization” declared Vasile Asandei – General Director of ADR North-East.

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